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Head Quarters
First Maine Cavalry
Camp Penobscot
March 16th / 62

Well George

It is snowing like the old boy today and as it is Sunday and I have not much to do I thought that I would write you a few lines.

Today is the day set for us to strike our tents and get aboard of the cars but on account of the storm the cars have not got in to Augusta yet and probably we shall not get off before Tuesday or Wednesday. One detachment left on Friday last. They struck their tents at ten o'clock and it took them until seven o'clock in the evening to get the horses all loaded and ready to start. It is quite a sight to see our horses after they are saddled ready for a march. All of our traps are put on to the saddle and it looks like the hump on a camel's back. The horses wear the saddles all of the way to Washington. When we get to Baltimore we have got to mount and ride two or three miles. But I guess that they will not fight us any. If they do we will let our horses loose on to them and then they will be glad to let us alone.

I intended to write to you before but have not been able to for so many of the men have been sick that the rest of us have had to be busy most of the time. We have not had any hard work to do but they have managed to keep us at it. First the horses have to be taken care of and then the rest of the time has been taken up drilling. But we shall not drill any more while we stay here. When we get on to the Potomac we shall be supplied with Sabres, Pistols and Carbines (short rifles). Then we shall have a good time practicing with them.

I want you to be sure and take good care of the girls up around old Bloomfield and when we get the rebels well whipped I guess that I shall come back. Tell the folks that I am well and hope to be in Old Virginia next Sunday or at least on the way there. When I get there and you find out where to direct letters to me I shall expect one from you. Till then Good Bye.

Your Uncle John H. Wyman

As I wrote to Ellen last week I thought that I would not write now.

Bound for Dixie

Written by John Horace Wyman (1836-1901) son of Joseph and Polly to (I suppose) his brother Seth's son George. Claudia's Great Grandfather.

John Wyman Letter

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